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What's Up?

In 2003, I started up a ten-year plan. Now it's 2013, and the plan has been fulfilled. (Also, we have iPads now, how cool is that?!)

It's been ten sweet years, and I'm blessed to have traced the trials and tribulations of life at a magnet science high school. I'm switching gears later this summer in web comics with a new series called Prankerous doing one-shots ala the Farside or xkcd or SMBC, whatever ya like. Also later this summer, The Academy will be back with DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY! WOO!

Of course, there's still more story to tell in the epilogue to The Academy: Roger and Ling's Summer Vacation. And I've already begun some pre-writing on The Academy: The College years as Spencer and Roger learn to survive in a whole new world with fast cars, wild parties, and no rules...Actually, lots of rules


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